The Future Of Trance In Action

The Future Of Trance In Action
Loveevolution in Oakland, California - Photography by Larry Eiring

Monday, December 12, 2011

Exostate Sends Us A Driven And Emotional Effort In Without Warning

The collaboration between Bissen and singer/songwriter Jeza that is Exostate has produced an exceptional new effort called Without Warning, one to which my personal favorite remixer Suncatcher has added even more depth of melodic emotion. The track begins with a soft melodic piano overture which seductively leads into Jeza's beautifully sensual vocals. As if without warning, a rising bass-line creeps in to the mix, ultimately driving the beat to the floor, pulling you up off of your seat. The bass beat and piano melody play off each other as the energy of the track reaches a massive scale, ensuring full-on trance emotion that will lift you up and away. Beautiful, emotional and driven to the core of your heart, look for Exostate’s Without Warning (Suncatcher Remix) to be widely played as a new essential for the clubs.

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