The Future Of Trance In Action

The Future Of Trance In Action
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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cosmic Gate Gives Us An Instant Classic

It is a rare occurrence that an album from any artist in any genre can be said to be so exceptionally conceived, so end-to-end complete and so well produced that it is considered an “instant classic”, but such it is with Cosmic Gate’s recent release Wake Your Mind. Not since Armin Van Buuren’s Imagine, has one artist (or in this case a pair of artists) produced a trance classic in which every track can stand on its own yet be played together next to every other track with amazing ease and nonstop flow. Nic and Bossi’s pairing of some of the best vocal talents in trance today, including Emma Hewitt, Alana Aldea and Cathy Burton with perfectly fitting melodies and flowing rhythmic vibes pushes this effort to the very top of the list as best trance album of 2011. Ms. Hewitt’s amazing and seductive voice gives the chart-topping “Be Your Sound” raw emotion and depth like nothing we’ve seen since Audrey Gallagher’s “This Night”. The perfect paced “Never Apart” featuring the beautiful voice of Alana Aldea will not only give you goose bumps, but probably have you shedding a tear or two as you close your eyes and let the melodic riffs carry you to that wonderful place you cherish. On “Calm Down”, the boys pair Ms. Hewitt with the perfect trance beat to once again showcase the incredible vocal range and depth of musical passion that has catapulted her to trance superstardom over the past year. “Drifting Away”, featuring the lovely vocal talents of Cathy Burton is simply melodic-vocal trance honed to perfection. The album’s title track, “Wake Your Mind” supported by the Cary Brothers vocals brings with it an irresistible dance/rock beat that rises with an energy that ultimately will explode the roof off of any club. In summary, if you had been hoping for a totally complete and satisfying trance album that will leave you wanting more, then Wake Your Mind is the one. There's no doubt, this effort shows that the future of trance is very much alive and growing.

For me personally, I can’t wait to hear many of the tracks played live when I see Cosmic Gate on New Year’s Eve at Countdown: NorCal's NYE Massive in Pleasanton, California – just 20 miles from my home!  Who knows, maybe I’ll even get the chance to thank Nic and Bossi in person for giving us a new instant classic!

Top Tracks:
Be Your Sound
Wake Your Mind
Never Apart
Drifting Away
Calm Down

Cosmic Gate – Wake Your Mind – Black Hole Recordings
Release: October 28, 2011
Available on iTunes

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