The Future Of Trance In Action

The Future Of Trance In Action
Loveevolution in Oakland, California - Photography by Larry Eiring

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lange and Audrey Gallagher Combine to Deliver a New Classic with Flawless Perfection

Rarely am I left speechless after a first listen to any song, but that’s exactly what happened after I heard Our Way Home, the newest track from DJ/producer Lange and singer/songwriter superstar Audrey Gallagher.  Our Way Home is a mile-a-minute, break-all-the-molds tour de force of trance music. The track combines super-heated progressive beats, infectious melodic undertones and Audrey’s captivating vocals perfectly to deliver a track with the momentum of a speeding Ferrari racecar. Everything about Our Way Home will leave you breathless. Lange’s mixing of progressive over-the-top bold bass beats with smoothly cool melodic synths and a dizzying dropdown that makes a real statement is sheer production genius. And what more can be said about Audrey Gallagher?  After giving us trance classics year after year like “Big Sky”, “Hold On To Me”, “This Night” and “Bring Back the Sun” she delivers what is probably the best vocal performance of her career. Few vocal talents today would be able to keep pace and match up with the power of Our Way Home. But the punching bass and rising momentum of Our Way Home doesn’t even come close to intimidating Audrey Gallagher.  Her incredible vocal range and beautifully lilting angelic vocal delivery is perfectly forceful, but not overpowering. In fact, I can’t think of any other song in her repertoire where her voice and the music have been so perfectly matched. With all-around perfection, Our Way Home is so wonderfully fresh and dynamic, I believe it defines exactly what I mean when I say “future trance.” Under my skin and in my head, I can’t get enough of this one. There’s no doubt that this one’s destined to be an instant club classic.   Now my only question is when can we get your greatest hits collection, Audrey?!

Available on Beatport 2/27/2012

A Magical Night From Aly & Fila In San Francisco

Somehow, you just know it's going to be an amazing night at the club, even before you step foot out of your home. That's exactly how I felt last night before heading into San Francisco to see Aly & Fila.  The DJ/producers, who can lay claim to the title, "The Pride of Egypt", had chosen Ruby Skye in San Francisco to host the celebration of the release of their new compilation album, Future Sound Of Egypt, Volume 2. Owing to that fact and that I had missed the great Egyptian duo the last time they came to our city, being in the club this time was imperative. As I awaited the start of the set, I reflected on Future Sound of Egypt Volume 2, which I had listened to three times earlier in the day. I tried to imagine how Aly & Fila would go about celebrating the scope of this awesomely exceptional album (see my review of FSOE Vol. 2 in my next blog post). The answer was delivered in an over three hour set which included new mixes, surprises (DJ Tiesto's As The Rush Comes) and odes to such classics as Armin van Buuren's "Shivers" and Above and Beyond's "Good For Me". Fila, who was at the controls, took us on a massive journey through trance history all the while pointing to the future as he weaved uplifting, progressive and vocal trance tracks throughout the night . The backdrop of revolving and morphing scenes of pyramids, Egyptian kings and queens, cobras, falcons, griffins, ancient Egyptian monuments and boats on the River Nile gave the feeling of being transported across time and space. It was more than a night of interesting travelogue video however. It was a night of non-stop, back and forth pure trance love. Fila's enthusiasm and love for what he does overflowed from the deck only to be matched by the outpouring of enthusiasm being tossed back from the floor by the clubbers at his feet. The number of massive moments were many, but included the signature anthem "We Control The Sunlight" in which the beautiful voice of Jwaydan floated across the crowd only to explode in a blaze of sound and lights. Other memorable highlights included an awesome extended remix of Apple One's "Rebirth" and an amazing drop of Orjan Nilsen's "Legions."  Above all though was Fila's ability to mix classic hits such as  Delerium's "Silence" with the massive new Gareth Emery track "Concrete Angel" so seamlessly that it all sounded fresh and new. It was pure brilliance that made sure the energy of the night never slowed. The exceptional lighting and sound system at Ruby Skye, now firmly entrenched as the #1 EDM venue in San Francisco, made for the perfect party atmosphere. In short, Aly & Fila got everything a launch party for a great album should be - an enthusiastic crowd and an awesome club, both ready to go the distance. In return, they took us on a beautifully massive magic carpet ride through the past, present and future of trance; and made it a night to remember for a long time to come.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Solid, Forward Driving Safari from Ost & Meyer

There are times that I just want to get out on the dance floor, close my eyes and move to a solid, unrelenting beat punctuated by well-produced synth melodies. I call these kind of tracks “trance that moves me” simply because the sound of the music is so smooth that it goes right to my head and into my feet. Such is Safari (Original Mix)the latest track from Ost & Meyer. The driving bass-line layered with uplifting melodic notes goes for the kill (pun intended) right from the start. The solid bass beat forms an unrelenting foundation for perfectly timed warm, seductive melodic interludes that flow into momentum-building synth pulses. In the best uplifting trance style, Ost & Meyer send you up, level you off, spin you around a bit and then punch you up again, all the while making sure the journey is focused and rewarding. Just as the track's title implies, Safari (Original Mix) gives you the chance to move out, experience everything around you and keep on moving through. A very solid and satisfying track, Safari (Original Mix) is perfect for anyone who wants to "move" with grace and style on the club floor.

OUT NOW at Beatport :

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Gareth Emery Delivers a Memorable Mardi Gras Kick Off at Ruby Skye

For me, going to the club is always a fun time. I love the lights, the music and most importantly, the vibe of hundreds of clubbers in unison totally feeling the music. Every so often however there are those special nights in the club when everything is so perfect, so intensely amazing that time seems to stand still and for a few hours you are transported to a whole different level of state of mind. Such was the case this past Thursday night at Ruby Skye when Garth Emery stepped up to the deck and proceeded to blow the doors, walls and roof off of the club. With Ruby Skye beautifully decked out in Mardi Gras finest and the floor jammed with revelers, the #13 DJ in the world launched a set to solidify his place as an icon of the future of the trance genre. Throughout the over two-hour set, Emery seamlessly mixed melodic trance tracks with upbeat progressive tracks, adding in innovative mash-ups and house tracks at perfect intervals. He effortlessly weaved all of the classic Gareth Emery tracks, such as “Mansion”, “Into The Light” and “Citadel” with remixes of “Punk” and even “Big Sky”. A night with Gareth Emery would not be complete without his recent #1 hit “Tokyo” mashed up with Fedde Le Grande’s remix of Coldplay’s “Paradise” and of course, “Sanctuary” which ended the main part of the set as cannons shot gold, silver and purple foil confetti to rain down on clubbers going totally crazy on the club floor. A special highlight of the set was the first play in San Francisco of his newest hit “Concrete Angel” which was overwhelmingly embraced by the cheering crowd. The track, which I reviewed here recently as a “new masterpiece”, sounded even better on the excellent sound system at Ruby Skye. As the night came to a close, even Emery seemed surprised at the intensity of what had occurred as he told the crowd, “I knew this would be a great night, but not THIS great!” and then with the clubber’s approval, he added in one last spin of “Concrete Angel”. It was the perfect end to the kickoff of Mardi Gras and indelibly sealed the night for all time as a memorable experience, not just for us clubbers, but for the genre itself.

Video of "Sanctuary" and the finale of this incredible night of future trance can be viewed on my YouTube channel .

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Gareth Emery Produces a Real Masterpiece with Concrete Angel

Let’s face it; trance “purists” who feel that melodic and uplifting trance is being crushed by the progressive/house end of the genre may never acknowledge the likes of Mat Zo and Gareth Emery as they seek to evolve the genre into the future. So be it and to each their own. But how can anyone debate real genius when it starts you right in the face?   Take Gareth Emery for example. Following his massive success the progressive/house hit “Tokyo” and last year’s hear-it-everywhere, “Mansion” Emery now drops “Concrete Angel (Original Mix).” The track starts off with a driving bass-line that melds into seductive vocals by Christina Novellli and slowly builds in melodic energy. The energy of the melodic notes lift Ms. Novelli’s beautiful voice like a gentle wind to a plateau of sound that envelops you ever so firmly and serves to perfectly support the lyrics, “Let me breath you in, and breath the words in your mouth, Inside your shivering, the silence shouts so loud. I just want to, I just want to stay around, and while my heart beats I promise I won't let you down. If I'm somewhere else it doesn't mean that I don't see, That you don't trust yourself, that's why you don't trust me, It makes me crazy, when you're crazy, you don't speak, You think you know me, but what you know is just skin deep…” At 2:33 in, melodic waves give way to the building bass beat supporting the next layers of Ms. Novelli’s beautiful vocals. This rising interplay between driving bass, melodic waves and vocal textures wrap around each other like beautiful dancers swirling in chiffon clouds ending with break and drop that is pure Gareth Emery. Put simply, the over seven minute ride that Emery and Novelli take us on with Concrete Angel (Original Mix) is a masterpiece of how “pure” melodic trance and progressive trance can work together. The track is a beautifully crafted example of how to seamlessly bring both energy and emotion to the dance floor. Five stars to Gareth Emery for his dedication to the future of the genre! Needless to say, I am really looking forward to hearing this track drop tonight when Gareth Emery comes to Ruby Skye in San Francisco.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Again! Dash Berlin + Jonathan Mendelsohn = Beautiful Music

At this point, I’m thinking what else can Dash Berlin accomplish to prove his rightful place on top of the list of trance DJ’s? After dropping a solid string of #1 trance hits including Waiting and Disarm Yourself featuring the phenomenal Emma Hewitt followed by Better Half of Me featuring the powerfully emotional vocals of Jonathan Mendelsohn, Dash Berlin now delivers a trance tour de force with World Falls Apart. World Falls Apart grabs you from the first beats with a speedy take-off that jumps right into grittier, but no less emotional vocals once again provided by the talented Jonathan Mendelsohn. From that point onward, you are taken on an up and down, back and forth thrill ride that leaves you breathless. Interplaying and seductive uplifting melodies rise up from underneath the bass beats at just the right moments, giving Mendelsohn’s beautiful vocals a chance to shine and you a chance to catch a breath before the momentum builds back in to spin you around and around in joyous delirium. Make no mistake; this is one track that grabs you firmly and doesn’t let go from beginning to end. World Falls Apart is a powerful, spring-loaded trampoline of a song that forces you to confidently jump higher and higher off the dance floor with every successive beat. I guarantee, you’ll be surprised at how high you can jump and will want to just keep on jumping.   

Currently #19 on the Beatport Trance Top 100 Chart

Apologies for Being AWOL! But...I'm Back!

I apologize for being MISSING over the last few weeks. I've had to deal with some unexpected issues here off of the dance floor and away from the club! But, now I think all is under control and I'm Baaaack!

I will be posting a new review later today and then...going to the etd.LOVE show in San Francisco this weekend! YES! you'll get a review of Gabriel & Dresden, John OCallaghan, and Myon and Shane 54 from the show. It's going to be great!

I'll also be back at Ruby Skye on February 10th for Paul van Dyk and again on February 16th for Gareth Emery.

So, stay checked in, 'cuz I'll be coming at you with MORE FUTURE OF TRANCE!

Oh, btw, the boys of Tritonal put on one AWESOME show at Ruby Skye. They tore the walls DOWN! I'm still editing my video from that amazing night. I even got to meet Chad and Dave after the show and got a signed poster. Thanks guys! YOU are simply the BEST!

Thanks for hanging with me,