The Future Of Trance In Action

The Future Of Trance In Action
Loveevolution in Oakland, California - Photography by Larry Eiring

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Kyau And Albert’s Once In A Life Is Alive With Tritonal’s Remix

Listen to the Tritonal remix of Kyau and Albert’s latest, Once In A Life (Tritional Remix) and you get the feeling that something big is about to happen. The good news is that what you are feeling would be correct.  The track which is shooting up the charts and getting top airplay by the likes of Above and Beyond on TATW starts out with a uniquely curious snapping beat and then quickly ramps into a driving bassline that will get you and everyone else on the dance floor moving. Your heart beats faster and faster until swirling melodies morph into vocals fading back and forth like waves on the beach. But these are not crashing waves, but soothing waves that beckon you deeper into the sound of trance at its best. Pulsating waves of energy seductively carry you higher and higher on a ride that leaves you breathless but oh so alive. This one’s going to generate a lot of life in the clubs and all you need to do is jump in and go along for the great ride.

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  1. has a nice Middle Eastern beat to the song Trance’s to me is great it help take away stuff that on your mind and also I feel it talks in a code that some people understand