The Future Of Trance In Action

The Future Of Trance In Action
Loveevolution in Oakland, California - Photography by Larry Eiring

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Beautifully Wrapped, Tritonal Delivered The Future Of Trance Music Today

Note: This post was written late on Sunday, January 8, U.S. Pacific Time

Earlier today ( 8 Jan 2012) a truly memorable event in our trance world occurred. Anjunabeats Worldwide, already massively popular on internet radio, took a ride to universal levels as Tritonal took command of the two hour set. And what happened in those two hours can only be described as a uniquely epic, even historic experience. From the beginning beat to the very final melodic note, Chad and Dave defined the genre of trance music in today’s terms. Even more so, the set mix of melodic and vocal trance, progressive trance, trance vs. house mashups and just plain drive-it-to-the-core house/dance tracks painted a picture of where trance music is headed. With the foresight and immense talent they displayed in today’s set, it’s hard to believe they are only #83 on the DJ top 100 list. Clearly, they “get it” and understand the very soul of the future of trance itself.  Here’s how I know this to be true - With amazing ease, Tritonal delivered a solid two hour set of music that crossed sub-genres and touched the outer boundaries of trance. The brilliant mix of lyrical emotion, musical exhilaration and pure energy came together, flowing out of the speakers and wrapped around me like a welcomed summer breeze. This was clearly in evidence right from the opening track as the debut of the emotionally melodic “Promise You” by Fast Distance and Dimension stacked up seamlessly against Shaun Gregory’s heart-pounding remix of Craig Connelly’s “Manchester AM.” The set also included five amazing mash-ups, not the least of which was an amazing Coldplay vs. Gareth Emery vs. Fedde le Grand triple mashup of “Paradise in Tokyo”. Track after track just worked next to one another and there were even a few other surprises tossed in (which you’ll have to listen out for yourself).  It was the kind of set that I wanted to just keep going on and on, not unlike the massive, totally fulfilling hours-long live sets delivered by the likes of Armin van Buuren and Paul van Dyk in their time as visionary re-definers of trance. In today’s realm, my sense is that very few DJ/producers, such as Dash Berlin, DJ Shogun, tiDy and Cosmic Gate, have so far proven that they have the evolutionary vision to push limits and re-define the future of the trance music genre. Today, Tritonal showed the global audience that they have that same vision, insight and courage.  As I sat astonished and totally exhausted at the end of the two hours, I realized how abundantly clear today’s performance on Anjunabeats Worldwide was not just a beautiful two-hour set of great music, but a memorable and historic marker for the genre of trance itself.  The wonderful reality is this: Today, Tritonal blew open the doors on the future of trance and gave us all the opportunity to see, feel and hear it for ourselves.

The entire two hour set is available for download as a podcast on iTunes. Just search for Air Up There with Tritonal in the Podcast section of the iTunes Store.
F.Y.I: I’ll be witness to the future of trance in person when I see Tritonal live at Ruby Skye in San Francisco this coming Thursday night. Look back here next weekend for my review of what is sure to be an epic show.

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