The Future Of Trance In Action

The Future Of Trance In Action
Loveevolution in Oakland, California - Photography by Larry Eiring

Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Magical Night From Aly & Fila In San Francisco

Somehow, you just know it's going to be an amazing night at the club, even before you step foot out of your home. That's exactly how I felt last night before heading into San Francisco to see Aly & Fila.  The DJ/producers, who can lay claim to the title, "The Pride of Egypt", had chosen Ruby Skye in San Francisco to host the celebration of the release of their new compilation album, Future Sound Of Egypt, Volume 2. Owing to that fact and that I had missed the great Egyptian duo the last time they came to our city, being in the club this time was imperative. As I awaited the start of the set, I reflected on Future Sound of Egypt Volume 2, which I had listened to three times earlier in the day. I tried to imagine how Aly & Fila would go about celebrating the scope of this awesomely exceptional album (see my review of FSOE Vol. 2 in my next blog post). The answer was delivered in an over three hour set which included new mixes, surprises (DJ Tiesto's As The Rush Comes) and odes to such classics as Armin van Buuren's "Shivers" and Above and Beyond's "Good For Me". Fila, who was at the controls, took us on a massive journey through trance history all the while pointing to the future as he weaved uplifting, progressive and vocal trance tracks throughout the night . The backdrop of revolving and morphing scenes of pyramids, Egyptian kings and queens, cobras, falcons, griffins, ancient Egyptian monuments and boats on the River Nile gave the feeling of being transported across time and space. It was more than a night of interesting travelogue video however. It was a night of non-stop, back and forth pure trance love. Fila's enthusiasm and love for what he does overflowed from the deck only to be matched by the outpouring of enthusiasm being tossed back from the floor by the clubbers at his feet. The number of massive moments were many, but included the signature anthem "We Control The Sunlight" in which the beautiful voice of Jwaydan floated across the crowd only to explode in a blaze of sound and lights. Other memorable highlights included an awesome extended remix of Apple One's "Rebirth" and an amazing drop of Orjan Nilsen's "Legions."  Above all though was Fila's ability to mix classic hits such as  Delerium's "Silence" with the massive new Gareth Emery track "Concrete Angel" so seamlessly that it all sounded fresh and new. It was pure brilliance that made sure the energy of the night never slowed. The exceptional lighting and sound system at Ruby Skye, now firmly entrenched as the #1 EDM venue in San Francisco, made for the perfect party atmosphere. In short, Aly & Fila got everything a launch party for a great album should be - an enthusiastic crowd and an awesome club, both ready to go the distance. In return, they took us on a beautifully massive magic carpet ride through the past, present and future of trance; and made it a night to remember for a long time to come.

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